Trader Joe’s says erasing cultural icons representing minority groups is racist

Trader Joe’s says erasing cultural icons representing minority groups is racist

After being accused of racism by a 17 year old girl, over the naming of an array of items it sells, Trader Joe’s responded that it listens to it’s customers and takes their recommendations into consideration first, before acting on petitions and that erasing cultural icons representing minority groups seems to be racism in itself.

Seekster 1 weeks

Surprised but pleasantly surprised. A business should base its decisions on profitability not faux outrage from people getting offended for other people.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Looks like someone's going for some tamales from Trader Joe's.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 1 weeks

I really hope no one named Ming or Jose have aspirations to own a market of their own. By virtue of the name they were given at birth, they will be the proprietors of racist enterprises according to that one 17 year old kid somewhere out there.

John W
John W 1 weeks

Watch this video. Woke/racist friends Identity politics is a term that describes a political approach wherein people of a particular religion, race, social background, class or other identifying factor form exclusive socio-political alliances, moving away from broad-based, coalitional politics to support and follow political movements that share a particular identifying quality with them. Its aim is to support and centre the concerns, agendas, and projects of particular groups, in accord with specific social and political changes.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 weeks

Let's bring back the Taco Bell Chihuahua and the Juan Valdez coffee commercials to give them something else to freak out over before they start attacking Colonel Sanders.

WhoopDeWhoop 1 weeks

Cancel culture can be defeated. The key is don’t back down. Don’t apologize. Don’t change a thing. Stick to your guns and you will gain support. We’ve seen that these movements have a 7-14 day lifespan. Just weather the storm and tell these perpetually offended cultural extremists to crawl back into their holes.

Jose Alejandro
Jose Alejandro 1 weeks

I'm Latino from Cuba. My name is José, how is written in Spanish. I don't get offended by Trader Jose. That's total bull sh*t. They shouldn't change that. I bet people complaining are all white and US nationals. LOL. I actually fill flattered that a brand tries to call my attention by using its name translation in Spanish. How is that racist? Please enlighten me.

Michael 1 weeks

Yeah I have to agree with TJ. I read the initial article which reported the petition, and it felt like a HIgh School project that was picked up by a reporter because it was “relevant”. But since when did a petition with only 1,700 signitures (as of 20 July when i read the initial article) warrant national media coverage? More importantly, im really struggling to see how this branding is racially insensitive.

Invisible “O” King
Invisible “O” King 1 weeks

Glad to find that a grocier i go to has a spine.

Gabriel Bertsch
Gabriel Bertsch 1 weeks

Oh cmon. Thats not racist. Do you really want multiculturalism? Do you? Or do you want all gray?

JustMy.02 1 weeks

Good for “Trader Joes”. We should all support them and shop there. Teach these little fascist a lesson.

Randy 1 weeks

I would like to see all companies reacting this way. When I have a choice, I will prefer not to buy from companies that bend the knee to the current mob. And I want a lot more choice.

TexasReb 1 weeks

Bravo Trader Joe's! Finally a company with a bit of common sense.

solodolo 1 weeks

Glad to see at least one of companies stand up to false, misguided accusations of racism and not cave to the Internet mob. They need to learn that some people aren't here for your false outrage disguised as a mental illness.

Brian 1 weeks

some are carrying things to far.

IIZard 1 weeks

Who gives a shit what some 17 year old activist says. If you're still in school you know nothing about how the world works.

CoolerKing 1 weeks

Good for them but lets see how long they hold out. Not many, if any, have outlasted the cancel culture onslaught.

Adam 1 weeks

No, incorrect. Trader Joe’s made an excellent decision and didn’t fall prey to the silly nonsense of cancel culture and authoritarianism. Something labeled Trader Jose’s is not racist anymore than Trader Joe. Stupid Progressive virus running rampant in the US in conjunction with a real pandemic. Way to go Trader Joe and Trader Jose!!!!!! If anything it offers diversity in products. Get a life Progresives

C 1 weeks

I've figured out how to spot a racist! They are the ones calling everyone a racist! Why? They see everything through the distorted view of race and groups. Most people (non racist people who are not calling others a racist except on the rare occasion they see it) don't see things through that lens and it won't and doesn't compute with them whatsoever. They see only people and the beautiful diversity of it. They don't see skin color, they see the beautiful heart inside the person. They don't put people in groups, they don't make groups and see all as one. We are the majority. We have no race, because we are all races. We are not ashamed of how we were born nor would we ever shame someone for how they were born nor make any judgments for or against anyone because they way they were born. we are humble and treat others with kindness. We are hardworking and don't expect anything more than a opportunity. We have love for others. HEAR US!

Jeff 1 weeks

Good! I’m glad they’re not submitting to PC tyranny. There’s nothing you can do to pacify the belligerent bigoted bullies. Cancel culture is cuckoo. What is ok today will be bad tomorrow and I’ve had enough. Racism is in such short supply that they have to look for it on food labels and packaging and invent micro aggressions and other imaginary signs of racism. It would be funny if it wasn’t so malicious.

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