Pathfinder Expedition
Pathfinder Expedition 1 weeks

Is anyone else not bored of the hype. Let's give data per thousand people. Very populated places will have high numbers. Giving it as per thousand of population tells the real story. Not as dramatic but better quality analysis.

Texas4ever 1 weeks

Uhhhm. Mexico is 1/3 of the hemisphere of North America and has a much greater population than that tiny island across the Atlantic Ocean.

pennydreadful 1 weeks

"It has now suffered at least 46,688 deaths during the pandemic, with a total of 424,637 infections." That's more than 10%! This is a staggering number. I dont think any other country has figures as bad as this. It also exposes Mexico's faulty healthcare system, and the extreme under preparedness when it comes to dealing with the pandemic.

Tony 1 weeks

I live on the border, Mexicans flooding hospitals here for care because their health care system is sh1t.

frank 1 weeks

It surpasses Britain but not the US. Mexico is a country that the US labels as 3rd world but yet it currently has a better grip on the situation! Not just with covid but with it's politics!

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