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Microsoft could be the biggest name in social media with acquisition of Tik Tok

Microsoft could be the biggest name in social media with acquisition of Tik Tok

While the other social media giants are dealing with massive antitrust issues, the possible acquisition by Microsoft of the highly valued, immensely popular Chinese entertainment app, Tik Tok, that is facing immediate expulsion by the Trump administration over data theft concerns, could not only ease those concerns but make Microsoft one of the biggest names in social media.

Norris Griffin
Norris Griffin
eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

It's not just trump. Japan and India are also doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure the UK is following suite as well.

Bazooka 4 months

I guess we're gonna ignore the fact that Microsoft and TikTok are likely the two largest spyware companies in America. It makes it easier when you have a cross platform reach.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months

If Microsoft starts playing the "Sell Your Users Data Game" as does Google, Apple, Facebook and other socialist media companies they are going to lose their corporate business market overnight. What good would a product like "In Tune" or "Active Directory" be if the company behind it was mining their customer data only to turn around and sell that data to the Chinese Communist Party, ISIS or your competitor as does Google, Apple, Facebook and other socialist media companies. US government agencies have had to stay away from many of the cloud services offered by these socialist media companies because of these socialist media companies' collaboration with communist terrorist groups and their penchant to hire "Woke" as in communist employees. Except to see standard RFP's including clauses that require vendors to ensure that their hiring practices revolve around companies like UNWOKE.HR and not socialist media agendas of communist revolutionaries and selling your corporate data, your employee's data, to your competition and or global terrorist groups that use that data to assassinate, murder, harass and profile your employees, suppliers and corporate mission. Microsoft is still an actual tech company and not a Advertising and Marketing company masquerading as a tech company to get tax advantages and research grants they are not entitled to. Let's hope they stay that way after the purchase of Tick-Tock. It might be time to think about a public advertising Exchange that functions much like the NYC Stock Exchange to drive the advertising revenue of the Web. Let the public market decided, not socialist media, what websites and content creators get paid, get views and prosper.

Christian 4 months

It means trump can no longer ban it without comming clean on his reason for banning it being because the people that use the app inflated his rally numbers and didnt show up to make him look bad. And that its a mostly liberal app where the political side massively talks bad about him. It was never about security concerns its about suppressing the opposition.

Indo 4 months

MS has gone to such a state of affairs !! Desperate enough to do such a thing ? Worse than or as bad as apple not being made in the US.

IvoryDove 4 months

Global corporation buys company from communist country, all problems disappear... Even though the lab where the product is designed doesn't change... It will be in China. It's a name change only.

WH 4 months

Could anyone educate me how the execution branch has power to force private company owner sell it? Don't get me wrong thought, I don't like tiktok.

Regor 4 months

Yeah, I remember what happened to Skype after Microsoft bought it.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 4 months

Microsoft buying any technology from Communist China, in the year 2020, is all but unconcerning

Wholly 4 months

MS buys it only to kill it off 6 months later because it "underperformed".

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

These apps geared for teenagers have 2 years max as the dominant program and then their parents get involved. Remember vine? Microsoft is preparing to buy a retired race horse at this point.

Michael 4 months

Watch Microsoft unintentionally destroy TikTok as they do with everything else they own.

a 4 months

"They keep buying everything." Yeah, that's what monopolies do. No one wants to keep big corporations in check. /:

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 4 months

They just keep butting in to absolutely everything

Jane 4 months

I deleted Tik Tok as soon as I heard it was ching chang Chinese.

Don't Read the Comments
Don't Read the Comments 4 months

How can he do this? I don't know of any way for a politician to have jurisdiction over the foreign owner of a social media platform.

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