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TikTok says it’s ’here for the long run’ after Trump’s warning

TikTok says it’s ’here for the long run’ after Trump’s warning

TikTok on Saturday said it’s ’here for the long run’ after President Trump said he intends to ban the app over concerns about data security. ’We’re not planning on going anywhere’, US General Manager Vanessa Pappas said in a video. Trump on Friday said he intends to sign an executive order or use an emergency economic power banning the app from the US.

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 2 months

You media have reveaed your hand as Chinese propagandists - that was why he banned it - to lure you out

Holley 2 months

Trump wants to ban Tik tok because there is a female comedian that lip reads to all of Trumps video's. It's very funny. And he can't control it. Sometimes it's not a spy thing, or a national security thing. Trump doesn't like being made fun of. And especially not from a woman. Haven't any of you learned anything over the last three years? Trump has visions of omnipotentcy. How dare anyone make fun of me. I'll show them! Y'all made him. We only have a few more months to deal with him. Then it will be the courts problem. WAKE UP!

Beer 2 months

Wonder why corporate America bans TikTok too? Maybe it is truly a security concern

Fin 2 months

These kids are smart ban it an see if they dont figure out how to get around the ban.. Me I detest tictok

Leland 2 months

I hope president trump makes good on his executive order! We don’t want our enemy in the USA. This is the commies eyes and ears into our country! Put the eyes out and make deaf this application.

Barry 2 months

He can't figure out how to use it probably

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 2 months

It's naive to think that the US owners don't have to listen to the dictates of their communist overlords. Remember they know who has families in China.

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 2 months

There used to be Vine before TikTok, they'll find another platform for publishing. And with "they" I mean the average users of TikTok.

Randall 2 months

#45 did that for a reason. Dig deeper into this tik tok deal you will see what he did made them reverse a decision they made that would surrender our 1st amend. rights and allow tik to to use our info as they wish. Hes always miles ahead of all these toads. Microsoft is bad Wake up sheeple.

a 2 months

Incredibly naive if he thinks a TikTok ban is going to do anything against Chinese apps, lol. Drop in the bucket.

En Sabah
En Sabah 2 months

I think this is more about preventing the rise of China than actual concern about data collection. If Tik Tok is collecting our data, what is the difference between that and what Facebook and Twitter are doing? How come we're not banning Facebook and Twitter? All these tech companies are collecting data which the US government uses to spy on us. Tik Tok is not any better or worse. The only difference is that it's Chinese.

Anjali 2 months

Honestly I doubt the wish to ban Tik Tok has anything to do with security. And 💯 percent to do with the fake RSVP to his Tulsa Event that made him look foolish. If users on the App were today put out a vide praising the Orange One. He’d immediately change his sorry tune and repost the video everywhere.

David 2 months

Tik Tok...the sound of Trumps “Reign of Amusement” counting down.

Thelonius 2 months

As if wasn't doing the exact same thing since 2014. Executive order is not the way to do this.

yuckycrumpet 2 months

Yeh like was going to throw a pitch too. God the guy talks crap.

Aaron 2 months


Hylton 2 months

Forget tik tok, what about Google, Facebook and Twitter fry those fish.

Christian Meza
Christian Meza 2 months


(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 months

China can’t seem to follow our laws. Why should we do business with them?

Gordon 2 months

I feel so old. I haven't even set up a Myspace page or a Tweet account or even Instantgram. I guess I dont want anyone knowing what I'm up to unless they ask me directly.

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