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Israel and Hamas might be guilty of war crime: UN

Israel and Hamas might be guilty of war crime: UN

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet said that Israel’s deadly strikes on Gaza may constitute war crimes. Bachelet added that the Hamas had also violated international humanitarian law by firing rockets into Israel. ’Despite Israel’s claims that many of these buildings were hosting armed groups or being used for military purposes, we have not seen evidence in this regard,’ she added.

Kelli 3 weeks

Defending yourself does not war crimes make. If Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel there would be no counter fire.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

But Gaza's indiscriminately launching of missiles against civilian populations does not? Honeslty, rules to war are a myth thought up by people to "civilize" the un-civil

cooldude 3 weeks

Yeah. I think both sides are committing war crimes. Israel not giving actual proof that the stuff they’re destroying is actually military/combatant or not is really suspicious.

David 3 weeks

Says the UN who puts some of the biggest war criminals and human rights violators on their councils, maybe if the people in Gaza where Uigur Muslims then Isreal to could be on those councils.

down_with_nambla 3 weeks

And not Gaza’s attacks on Israel? Stfu

Tetelestai 3 weeks

the UN is always going to side against Israel. they are socialist in nature and that is what socialists always end up doing. this is because socialism is satanic and satan hates Jews and Christians. this is why socialists have been targeting Christian churches in the US. it's all part of a godless agenda.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

I'd like someone to explain to me why Israel would want to destroy buildings other than for military reasons. They have no interest in killing civilians and no reason to want to. Dead civilians hurts them far more than it helps.

TexasReb 3 weeks

Hamas declared war. War is war. You destroy things and kill people until the other side unconditionally surrenders. Period. When a Countries Leadership (defacto Hamas) declares war on another country (Israel), the death of civilians and destruction of property is Their Fault not that of the country that they attacked. Most especially when Hamas hides behind women and children Think Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was not a war crime. It ended a major war.

musicman 3 weeks

Man, the Israeli government sure is trying their hardest to establish fascism. How deliciously ironic. Yet the Nazis were bad when they did it.

M. Keith
M. Keith 3 weeks


Delta Jade
Delta Jade 3 weeks

Defending yourself from people bombing you is not a war crime. Taking out the location where the bombs are coming from is not a war crime. Making those who bomb you pay a heavy price for bombing you is not a war crime. Taking people's land away from them, because you can, now that should be a war crime.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

But but but but but..... Gaza strikes against Israel are just ethnic cleansing, on a low keyed genocide level.

Seekster 3 weeks

In this recent conflict (if not in general) Israel showed more concern for the lives of the people of Gaza than Hamas did. Change my mind.

Test Steam
Test Steam 3 weeks

Wait wait wait. Israel needs to provide proof that they attacked buildings hosting Hamas...Sure Palestinians first. I want to see proof that every single one of their rockets was targeting military installations and NOT just random civilian population and hope it hits something of value. If Hamas really wanted they could send LESS but more accurate weapons, but that then might not hit enough civilians. After all, death to all Jews is what they chant is it not?

John 3 weeks

I will be deep in the cold, cold ground before I listen to a lecture from an organization that has the congo, china, Venezuela, Pakistan, and Saudi arabia, just to name a few running their human rights council.

John W
John W 3 weeks

But Chinese consentration camps are not? 13-ton shipment of human hair, likely from Chinese prisoners, seized

Patrick 3 weeks

Yea no kidding. Israel is a terrorist state. They use soldiers to physically remove families from their generational homes. They allow terrorist settlers to massacre the same people in their place of worship. All with impunity. All with a cheering Sparta like society of voters, lusting for Palestinian blood. As soon as Palestinians launch a rocket in response all that is forgotten. The first act of violence in this dystopian society becomes a homemade Hamas rocket, and not those disgusting people of the ethnostate. This statement is blind to their specific ethnicity. However it’s an ethnostate the likes Richard Spencernonly dreams of. The only one in the “free” world. Everything I say is a characterization of widespread public support of its own elected government and the terrorism they enjoy seeing their government carry out. We should see them as an enemy state. Not an ally.

Nate Urine
Nate Urine 3 weeks

They're deliberately targeting civilians with these strikes in an effort to demoralize the civilian population. They want the citizens to turn on Hamas. Anyone saying this is "nuanced" is an IDF shill. You don't get to steal lands and attack religious gatherings during Ramadan and claim self defense.

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 3 weeks

Yea is this the same UN that sits back and let's genocides happen And allows human rights violators to sit on its human rights council Sit down UN your worthless

Kevin 3 weeks

Hmmm Israel gets hammered by Hamas rockets but Israel was wrong to defend its self. Washington D.C. vows to pour millions of dollars into Gaza so Hamas can launch more rockets, and U.N. agrees with Hamas, something wrong here

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