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US jobless claims fall to 406,000, a new pandemic low

US jobless claims fall to 406,000, a new pandemic low

New applications for regular unemployment benefits fell in late May for the fourth week in a row in the US. Initial jobless claims sank 38,000 to 406,000 in the week ended May 22. That’s the fewest number of requests for compensation since the onset of the pandemic nearly 15 months ago. New requests for compensation are down sharply from about 900,000 in early January.

Rocky 3 weeks

Again this is FIRST TIME UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS. In no world is 400k+ NEW claims a positive thing. All the financial advisors I know are all saying that we are in a bubble. The economy is living on fake printed money with no actually production taking place driving massive inflation all while we have an abysmal unemployment rate. Who thinks this is the recipe for recovery?!? You would have to have a particularly smooth brain to believe this propaganda is positive news for the economy.🤦🏽‍♂️ If they want to instill optimism they would tell us not how many new cases there is, but instead tell us how many less are receiving benefits now vs last week. That number is actually still climbing.

Irish 3 weeks

The so called "free" money dries up, and suddenly jobless claims drop, go figure! 🙄 Takes a real genius to figure out how this could possibly happen...

O.T.Q.D 3 weeks

You open things up and allow people to go back to work and suddenly jobless claims plummets...thats crazy. Didnt see that coming.

Viviko 3 weeks

So the US is just running out of people to file first time unemployment claims…?

nathan 3 weeks

Amazing what happens when govt restrictions get out of the way of business. Just like Trump said it would.

Rocket 3 weeks

In Quid Pro Joe and the HO's world another 400,000 people losing their jobs is "good" news. 🤦😑

bobby_5150 3 weeks

Thank you, red states for opening up.

chris 3 weeks

Its funny how when free money runs out, people find work.

TheMadDane 3 weeks


C 3 weeks

Running out of people to file for benefits because everybody's on it already

Shono 3 weeks

F00LS. It is not about is them making it harder for the system

Clyde 3 weeks

Great job Joe!! Shows what can be done when a competent administration is in place!!

Jackson 3 weeks

For once the ball is in the court or the workers. Now that a few buissnesses have started giving higher wages, it will become the standard. Im hearing stories of restaurant chains literally shutting down because they refuse to raise wages to attract workers.

snarley 3 weeks

When people are making more money not busting their chops for someone who thinks they should be able to live on $10 an hour....what do you think is going to happen?

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 3 weeks

Biden win

Nickel 3 weeks

A little bit off topic but the short sellers didn't learn a thing those greedy suckers they lost 700 million again I'm GameStop short sellers greedy suckers didn't learn a thing from last time they lost her over here we are

Patricia 3 weeks

FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND unemployed is still very high no matter what kind of math you apply.

Eric 3 weeks

Im just gonna wait on the other ahoe to drop before jumping in here...

Braindead 2 weeks

Those numbers are infatuation just as they are for Biden approval ratings by CNN

Yankee 3 weeks

Wow ! Only 406,000 new claims ? Now that's progress . C'mon man give the " Old Joe Medicine Show " a break .

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US jobless claims fall to 406,000, a new pandemic low

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