Louisville might declare racism a public health crisis

Louisville might declare racism a public health crisis

Officials in Louisville announced on Wednesday that the city might join the list of local governments which have declared racism a public health crisis. The American Public Health Association announced that local officials in as many as 19 states have passed or are considering similar resolutions. The declaration could be made through a resolution or an executive order by the mayor.

Tom A
Tom A
No Signal
No Signal 1 weeks

It is a crisis. just look at all of the racists rioting, burning, stealing, murder and racial shakedowns. yep blm and antifa must be destroyed and spread to the winds of bigoted time for their racist world views.

John 1 weeks

diversity is such a strength that we only argue about race now. remember when we talked about schools, roads and space travel? that was so much worse than living with diversity. now we can all argue about what is and isn't racist 24/7.

Justin 1 weeks

Correction: leftism is a public health crisis.

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Yet Shitcago hasn't said black men from 16 to 40 are not only a health crisis y a life crisis. 🤔

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Stop turning my boog rumors into a fake race war.

David 1 weeks

Political correctness is an infectious mind virus that must be destroyed.

Sadie 1 weeks

How does this make sense to anyone?

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