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Hong Kong passes sweeping pro-Beijing electoral rules

Hong Kong passes sweeping pro-Beijing electoral rules

Hong Kong has passed a controversial electoral reform law, aimed at keeping people Mainland China deems ’unpatriotic’ from positions of political power. The reform will allow a pro-China panel to vet and elect candidates. On Thursday the bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in Hong Kong’s parliament, the Legislative Council (LegCo). Critics warn it is designed to remove all opposition.

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 3 weeks

ccp are literally hunting down and disappearing the leaders of the umbrella movement. they are modern day Nazis, and that is no exaggeration. we must oppose their fascist totalitarian regime with all we have. dēath to CCP pigs.

Jason 3 weeks

Whinne the Pooh is a grade A dickhead

Stefnir 3 weeks

They had already booted all the pro-democracy members of the parliament, hadn't they? This is just a final nail in the coffin so the CCP rules in all but name. Look to what happened in Hong Kong and if you ever see a politician push similar agendas for more government control you fight back. It doesn't matter if the sentiment comes from communists or fascists, left or right, do not give up democracy and freedom.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

I mean when you have a gun your head and are told to sign... Hong Kong is basically equal to Poland pre-ww2 leading into ww2... the hope of allies helping dashed they are surrounded and torn to pieces... now no longer their former glory... their new overlords demand comformity or death... I just love China!! Don't you? Stalin/Hitler would be proud! Glory to OneState!! The means of production (ie people) are for state alone... any attempt to disrupt the machines work will be met with .22 cold lead.

Dave 3 weeks

We should have evacuated the democracy supporters from Hong Kong as refugees as soon as possible. Its too late now, the world watched as they cried out and were abused by their government. Tutting at how terrible it is, but doing nothing. Same with the Uighurs and the same will be with Taiwan, or any other country China lays claim to.

Faittastic 3 weeks

No vote no control no peace

Shmule 3 weeks

Hong Kong did not do this, Beijing did. Force feeding is not the same as eating.

Patty 3 weeks

Uh oh.

John 3 weeks

So, China is restricting freedom because their communist government wants it that way! No on with a brain should be surprised!

Jackson 3 weeks

Gotta love modern day appeasement. When are we going to band together to sanction China into the ground

Seekster 3 weeks

The CCP already killed Democracy in Hong Kong. This new measure simply buries the corpse.

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 3 weeks

The West does not stand up for democracy or freedoms anymore. If this happened 80 years ago, our reaction to this would be very different.

nathan 3 weeks

Sounds like what the Democrats want to do in America! Their way like in the last election just opens the possibilities of great voter fraud.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

"The bill, passed by a 40-2 vote, was met with little opposition, as most of the legislators are largely pro-Beijing. Their pro-democracy colleagues resigned en masse last year in protest over the ousting of four lawmakers deemed to be insufficiently loyal to Beijing." Good job, pro-democracy leaders. 👏👏👏

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