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Eight US service members presumed dead after sea accident

Eight US service members presumed dead after sea accident

Seven US marines and a sailor, missing since a training accident off the coast of California Thursday, are presumed dead, the military says. The 40-hour operation to search them has now been called off. The missing soldiers were among 16 on an amphibious craft when it began taking on water during the exercise. Eight of them were rescued but one later died. Two others are in a critical condition.

Somebody 1 months

Marines: No man left behind! After a couples days. Marines: eh, they're probably dead. Lets go home.

fecfur 1 months

Wt f happened????

riheg 1 months

They’ll probably blame Russia

MikeH 1 months

Considering how old the AAV design is, I'm surprised that more incidents have not been reported. There was a replacement in the works, but the budget people cancelled it years ago.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I hope they are found eventually and peace is given to the family.

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