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Twitter accused of double standard for censoring Trump but not Iranian leader

Twitter accused of double standard for censoring Trump but not Iranian leader

A Twitter spokeswoman defended the company’s decision to block tweets from President Trump but not those of Iran’s Supreme Leader. Twitter defended its decision to flag Trump’s tweet about violent demonstrations while not acting on Khamenei’s call for violence against Israel, suggesting that the latter fell under its protections for ’commentary on political issues of the day’.

porcus 1 months

Fine display of the Left's inherent anti-semitism and racism. Also their total lack of awareness, lack of principles, and lack of moral superiority.

Timothy 1 months

They didn’t censor Elon Musk claim that the pyramids were built by aliens either.

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

About time someone took Twitter to task over this, Iran and most of the middle East's hate speech is off the scale! This has been going on for years... They Ignored Israel when they brought it up earlier this year... It's common place over there, not just Khamenei... It's a huge source of violence, for example the insurgents who went to join Al-Qaeda in Iraq didn't go because they wanted to stop it becoming a democracy. They didn't think that or WMD's was America's aim, most people I read about thought they invaded to steal oil, gold and permanently occupy Iraq. They didn't just get this from fake news sites but from actual Middle East news organisations, including Aljazeera!

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