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TikTok will be ’out of business’ if it doesn’t sell by next month, says Trump

TikTok will be ’out of business’ if it doesn’t sell by next month, says Trump

President Trump said that TikTok app will be ’out of business’ in US if it doesn’t sell its US operations by next month and that the US govt should get a cut of the deal. He further said that he doesn’t mind if Microsoft or another company acquires TikTok, provided it is a big, secured and a US company. He also told reporters that he was personally brokering a deal with Microsoft CEO Nadella.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

But wait, a bunch of teenagers clicked a button to reserve tickets on the internet. That must be the real reason that Trump is doing this, to get back at those "pranksters!" This has nothing to do with international geopolitics and flagrant violations of personal privacy and data storage, no Trump only cares about some teenagers running microscopic interference at one of his rallies.

Paulo enmanuel
Paulo enmanuel 4 months

What happened to the free market without government intervention? Nothing gets more interventionist than this

Dee 4 months

So... The president is using his power to bully a company to sell... And the government should get a cut? What? Is he purposefully finding every angle to fuck with to show us how broken the system is?

Neil 4 months

That is a crazy pressure tactic, TikTok should just focus on the other parts of the World to make it so massive that the US have no choice but to accept it and leave it alone.

Aidan 4 months

So Trump threatens, to ban TikTok, while Microsoft offers to buy, and Trump says it'll be banned if it isn't sold . . . Hmmm

Daniel 4 months

In America, the Constitution does not allow the President to ban property without a court hearing proving Tik Tok broke the law. Only dictators take property at the whim of the dictator.

Liz 4 months

Trump is a jackass. He doesn't know shit.

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 4 months

Facebook takes more of our information that Tik Tok. Why do we trust apps like this to be secure? This move by Trump might be for security or for "revenge," but to me (call me stupid) it looks like this is businessman Trump just trying to get Tik Tok handed over to Microsoft or something. I do like what Microsoft did with Minecraft (haha, weirdo here) after they bought it, but this still seems fishy.

NV censors working OT
NV censors working OT 4 months

Good it’s gayer than vine was.

ToddBundy 4 months

What does Trump know?

Jojinx 4 months

Buh Bye...

kevin 4 months

China likes to play games, but trump invented these games.... Game on says Trump

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 4 months

He's playing China's hand. Smart move.

Troy 4 months

When has government ever been involved in private business sales? Shady mfr

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 4 months

Will this create a market for aggressive Chinese startups to sell to American firms? They can break law, wait until they're profitable, and then sell to American firms.

M 4 months

I feel like this is extortion... Which sounds a lot like the he got impeached for... Coincidence?

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 months

Yeah no it won't. Your track record at keeping your word sucks. We would have a better chance of being hit by a astroid.

Bradley 4 months

Wasn't TikTok supposed to be blocked on Saturday?

Nikudemus 4 months

by the way.. despite spyware, it promotes teens to be promiscuous and promotes pedophilia

Barry 4 months

Is forcing the sale of a company legal?

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