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People live longer in blue states than red, shows study

People live longer in blue states than red, shows study

According to a new study published in Milbank Quarterly on links between life expectancy and state policy, weak environmental protections, safety rules and labor and civil rights protections may be cutting lives short in conservative states. Although the authors note that they can’t prove that state policies caused the gap in life expectancy, the correlation persists across states and decades.

Unity2020 1 months

There’s a lot of things that can explain that without “policies” of red vs blue states. Rural states and rural areas (often red) have less access to healthcare and health services than even the poorest urban areas, have less social services, and tend to be more blue collar. Educational opportunities are also a disparity in these areas. We also know that people who are less educated, blue collar, live in rural areas, etc. have higher prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use - which actually can be tied, at least in part, to conservative states having lower “sin” taxes. Being in public health, this study is not new, people have been trying to figure out disparities for a hundred years

Phil 1 months

This is exactly the problem with news reporting these days. The title of the article implies a certainty, yet the body reflects there is no ACTUAL proof. This misleads the more impressionable people out there and they start parroting it to people as fact.

Timothy 1 months

Continuing some examples I wished to use in the summary but could not because of the limit on words: In Connecticut, where policies have become steadily more liberal, life expectancy increased 5.8 years between 1980 and 2017 to 80.7 years. Whereas, in Oklahoma, which has become markedly more conservative, life expectancy increased only 2.2 years over the same period, reaching 75.8 years in 2017.

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