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NSA tells military personnel to avoid using location services

NSA tells military personnel to avoid using location services

The National Security Agency has urged US military and intelligence personnel to turn off location-sharing services on their cellphones to prevent security breaches. ’Location data can be extremely valuable and must be protected. It can expose otherwise unknown associations between users and locations’, an NSA bulletin read. The agency recommends giving apps as few permissions as possible.

Bradley 1 months

I never use location services, you are just asking for data breach. Use "while using app only" options, never use find my phone and I never post on unsocial media where I am, though I really never post on unsocial media.

Doug 1 months

Jan. 2018: Strava Data Heat Maps Expose Military Base Locations Around the World

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 1 months

Press X to doubt. Oh wait..

Chase 1 months


Test Steam
Test Steam 1 months

Try disabling permissions for any Google app . The will moan and yet...still work. I disabled all perms for Gmail and it could still save to storage, send and receive. Permissions are a false sense of security. The best Android phone is a degoogled one. The best iPhone...uh stuff it.

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