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Woman removed for wearing offensive mask on flight

Woman removed for wearing offensive mask on flight

A woman was removed from an American Airlines flight over a dispute involving language used on her mask. The woman’s mask said ’F—— 12’ and she was asked to cover the offensive language. The passenger claims she complied with the request but was later asked to deplane. AA has stated they will refund the portion of the trip not used though the passenger says she has yet to be contacted.

Oscar 4 months

For us European plebs; what does the message on the mask mean? Edit: clarified in the Fox News article. Got it.

Jose 4 months

The PC crap in the US has gotten way out of hand. Not 7 months ago I flew in business class wearing one of my favorite t-shirts that reads "F... Shaving", and I even got it complimented by the pilot when we arrived in Miami. This is just ridiculous.

T3hGladiator 4 months

Not because of BLM, but because of the F-bomb on a mask.

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