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Gold prices rises above $2,000 for first time

Gold prices rises above $2,000 for first time

Gold topped $2,000 an ounce for the first time as investors look for safe havens amid pandemic. Gold rally have been driven by liquidity boost by global economies and as investors moved cash into the precious metal as the tensions between US & China pushed gold prices higher, increasing the price by more than 30% this year. Silver and other precious metals have also witnessed a surge in price.

Kaitlyn 1 months

Or, to put it another way, the US dollar drops to less than 1/2000th of an ounce for the first time in history. When you pump trillions into the investment market, it deflates the value of the dollar. The only thing keeping consumer prices down is the deflationary effect of the pandemic, once that’s gone, consumer prices will go up far greater than the market has as inflation hits full force. Smart people will get out of USD before that happens.

John Fisher
John Fisher 1 months

*Peter Schiff furiously whacckin it in the corner*

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 months

This is the Time to dismantle the Fed and IRS and revert back to a Gold Standard. Also a great time to wipe away a good portion of the national debt by considering China's portion of it as reparations for the virus.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 1 months

And yet, at the height of an economic downturn, gold is aweful hard to eat.

brother KELVIN tetterton
brother KELVIN tetterton 1 months

Congrats to all on news voice And god bless you all

ken taro
ken taro 1 months

Can we widen the gap a little more, pls?

Unity2020 1 months

Perhaps a bigger story is that silver is around $27/ounce. Up over 140% since the pandemic.

IIZard 1 months

I nearly bought into gold when all this bullshit started

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