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Altered photo of Biden used by Trump campaign in new ad

Altered photo of Biden used by Trump campaign in new ad

The re-election campaign of United States President Donald Trump released an ad recently which falsely depicts former Vice President Joe Biden as ’hiding’ alone in his basement. The Trump campaign used an image and edited it to remove several other people who were originally in the picture. As per The Gazette, the photo was used and edited by the Trump campaign without permission.

Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 1 months

Here's the ad in question: What a joke! Ignoring all of the actual attacks made in the ad, they get bent out of shape over removing the back/foreground from a couple photos! What a joke!

porcus 1 months

HaHa! That's a GREAT ad! Honestly, just string together Biden's statements about taking cognition tests, and his recent lie that he is not getting tested. That's pure political gold.

Seekster 1 months

Biden is his own attack ad against Biden.

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