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Dr. Fauci says family needs security over death threats, continuing harassment

Dr. Fauci says family needs security over death threats, continuing harassment

Dr. Fauci during an interview to CNN said that he and his family have needed continued security because of harassment and death threats over his statements about Covid-19. He was of the view that some anti-science sentiment in US is making it difficult for people to follow COVID-19 precautions, such as wearing masks. It’s almost related to authority and a mistrust in authority that causes it.

Fin 4 months

Am sorry Dr f.. You do your job tell the truth n ur life threatened

Dave 4 months

Dr Fauci, from a English person l do truly feel sorry for you and your family, in a world where people don't see the science for truth, but will listen to the dumb, you know those l talk of, let's drink bleach and shine powerful lights in us, we may miracle recover, in oldern day of England the dumb we burned people at the stake for practicing medicine well herbal wise and considered to be Witches, we had our dark dumb days, you can and l do hope the dumb do not come back (TRUMP) because a few silly remarks with no or stupid non scientific knowledge leaves us all dump, so forgive my bit rant, your words give me truth the covid 19 will come back, but some out there (heads in the sand) dumb, l do wish they would listen to you, but you can not help the dumb stupid out there, just pray and hope the world comes through this Pandemic, l fear the wrong people though will be effected, so from one human being wishing you your family well, and that the world take stock of the real threat we have, stupidity of ourselves.

John 4 months

That’s a shame. Violence isn’t the appropriate response for gross incompetence.

flinx101 4 months

Well thats just wrong

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