FB & Twitter crack down on Trump accounts over ’harmful’ COVID-19 claim

FB & Twitter crack down on Trump accounts over ’harmful’ COVID-19 claim

Facebook & Twitter have removed posts featuring Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News claiming children are ’almost immune’ to Covid-19. Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that the said video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19 which is a violation of their company policies around harmful COVID misinformation.

Stephen 1 months

Are kids "immune"? Not technically, but the fatality rate is such that they are statistically untouched by COVID on any permanent level.

Eric 1 months

Someone has to call b.s. on this guy!! It's hard when he surrounds himself with sycophants!!!

The 1 months

Parents don't take advice from Facebook and Twitter. Face masks don't work and kids have strong immune systems. Kids are not learning in the home and trump is trying to get them back in school so that millions of kids are NOT a year behind.

stephen c.
stephen c. 1 months

Omg he said “almost immune”, not “immune.” And also it’s true. WTF.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Wasn't it the left who first pushed and said kids can't catch the virus? Here in KS any child 10 and under dont have to wear them.

Real Deal O'Neil
Real Deal O'Neil 1 months

Mark Zuckerberg is being so UNFAIR to our President Trump. We need to tell him to STOP BEING UNFAIR TO OUR PRESIDENT!

Wholly 1 months

Why not let his own words sink him? This is why CENSORSHIP IS WRONG.

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