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Trump campaign sues Nevada over mail-in voting bill

Trump campaign sues Nevada over mail-in voting bill

The Trump campaign and the Republican National state and national committees late Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Nevada over expanded mail-in voting. The lawsuit states in the bill, which would allow ballots to be mailed to all registered voters in the state, is unreliable with a failure rate of 1-2%. Gov. Steve Sisolak signed the Assembly Bill 4 on Monday after it passed the state legislature.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise
Patrick 1 months

I'm curious to see what procedures are being developed to reduce the risk of voter fraud in this system. I'm all for reducing the risk to voters, but rushing this sort of thing seems potentially dangerous and the potential to force an extension to the electoral college voting is also alarming.

Clint 1 months

An observation of note: Trump seems to only be concerned about mail in in the states where he is polling badly. He is fine with Florida and encouraging it. Mark my words that this trend will continue. Look to the 14 steps.

Warren Oneal
Warren Oneal 1 months

Reminder that the President’s own campaign and family members have encouraged mail-in-voting in various elections throughout the country where Republicans stood to gain. This lawsuit is a deliberate attempt to keep people from voting against President Trump.

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