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NBA players kneeling during national anthem is ’disgraceful’, says Trump

NBA players kneeling during national anthem is ’disgraceful’, says Trump

United States President Donald Trump expressed his displeasure over NBA players kneeling during the national anthem, and said he felt it was ’disgraceful’ to do so. He also claimed that as per ratings, many Americans are turning away from basketball due to the same. The President said that the administration had worked ’very hard’ with the NBA to help them open amid the pandemic.

Andre 1 months

Is PumpkinDon for freedom or for obedience?

noneofyour business
noneofyour business 1 months

This whole kneeling thing could be put to rest if the players would just declare that they are kneeling in prayer for healing of the inequities of our country. Trump could not be against prayer or could he. To kneel during the national anthem for America in silent prayer could not be more patriotic!

michael 1 months

that's his right. he should not be forced to kneel, just as others should not be forced to stand.

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