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Trump announces executive order requiring government to buy American made drugs

Trump announces executive order requiring government to buy American made drugs

In Ohio on Thursday, Trump announced the signing of an executive order which is aimed at bringing drug manufacturing back to the United States. The order requires that the government buy drugs which have been deemed ’essential’ from American manufacturers. Peter Navarro, the White House’s Trade Advisor, told reporters that America is overly dependent on internationally manufactured drugs.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 1 months

What?? I thought the whole point of his last EO was to drive down prices by allowing importing of drugs!

Rose 1 months

I’m willing to place bets that HE will be the first person to break his own legislation. He has to take a cut of everything just like a mob boss, so if a drug comes along from another country that he thinks he can make money off of, watch how fast he breaks that law.

Midgetelf 1 months

He was supposed to sign an order to allow the purchase of more international drugs to drive down US prices. This is a bad move. The US pharmaceutical industry is damn near monopolized, hence the high prices. Trump is really starting to lose it.

Charles 1 months

While just today the same administration introduced legislation to remove price control oversight on drug manufacturers. Seems like a clear plan to lock US consumers into a captive market where the producers set the prices without oversight.

Tyler 1 months


Fin 1 months

Might have helped had the administration bothered to truly help Puerto Rico up n running since before it was desvestated by Maria 15 of 20 most prescribed meds in usa where manufactured by the US citizens in Puerto Rico...

David 1 months

Buy American? The horror... The horror!

Billy 1 months

Great News!!

Rose 1 months

And I guarantee that he will break his own rule, if he makes a bit of money off the deal.

Barry 1 months

Is the free market ever free? No.

Eileeñ 1 months

Trumps how to bankrupt only then he will stop the that elected him should start to think we all will be affected by this horrible idea this man can sleep he starts his attacks very early in the morning

Eileeñ 1 months

Is Trump bringing his business here to the usa he should executive order bring his hotel here

Stephen 1 months

His buddies be gettin' rich. Hail Trump.

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