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Chinese court sentences another Canadian to death for drugs

Chinese court sentences another Canadian to death for drugs

A Chinese court sentenced a second Canadian in two days to receive a death penalty for drugs, since Canada detained a top Huawei executive in 2018. Ye Jianhui, a Canadian national, was sentenced after a trial in the southern city of Foshan. As per the local media report, Police had found 218kg of white crystals containing MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, in the room used by Ye and five other men.

Clara 1 months

While it may be correct to say that the laws of the country have to be followed - can we really expect China, with all that it has done in Hong Kong and elsewhere, to be fair?

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 1 months

Most probably a planted evidence for a show trial, as we all know how China is still in a steam of hot shit over Huawei situation. They are trying to force Canada not to hand over the Huawei exec to US but taking their nationals as hostage. A typical terrorist's move sponsored by a state. They would definitely think twice if it was US citizens. But sadly, we have Truedope as the PM, utterly inept and only knows when to cry in front of cameras.

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