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Unity2020 1 months

Why come back and be taxed extra? What does the city (any city) provide that’s worth paying 5-10k annually if you’re in the middle class and potentially millions if you’re in the .001%? A few extra restaurants, some museums and a shit ton of traffic and crime? No thanks. I’m done with that.

Brian 1 months

Why would I come back ? Come back to a city that allows people to riot and loot ? It's not a safe city . My business will move to Texas starting January 1 2021 .

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

UNEMPLOYMENT DOES THAT. They called it leisure time back in.rhe day and told us in future we will have lots it so that we will have the time to invent new technology. What they forgot to mention is that we would be homeless, hungry and without sanitation and water.

David 1 months

Getting rid of your wacko democratic mayor and governor would be a start.

Rich 1 months

FUGGETTABOUTIT, Cuomo! You drove them away. They're gone!

TJ 1 months

Who works 9-5? It's more like 6-6.

Clay 1 months

Nah But also, who works 9-5? Bankers and...?

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