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Google asks employees to avoid using certain words/phrases in internal comms

Google asks employees to avoid using certain words/phrases in internal comms

Employees working at Alphabet and Google are reportedly trained to avoid using certain words and phrases in internal communications. The employees are asked to do so assuming ’every document will become public’. Google, however, said that the practice has been in place for years and has described it as standard compliance training.

Tom A
Tom A
Rose 4 months

Man, some of these stories are downright scary. I can’t imagine being around people who think like this 24/7. But then there is the American preference for litigation to blame for it.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

These people have to be told that those messages are recorded forever... I don't understand how someone doesn't understand if you type something on a keyboard it is only one or two shops from being public knowledge. There was a hidden camera prank show where one person had an ear piece and they kept saying stuff to this guy and he was amazed at how someone knew all this about him but it was all on the guy's public Facebook page and someone was in the bushes reading about the posts and pictures speaking into the microphone. These are the people that make the manual reviews for your flagged youtube video. I bet they also fall for Nigerian Princes, as well.

Marcin 4 months

Every large company that is highly regulated does this and has been for decades.

TJ 4 months

1984. No doubt about it.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 4 months

Wow that's just pathetic

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