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India’s doctors furious over yoga guru Ramdev’s remarks

India’s doctors furious over yoga guru Ramdev’s remarks

There’s been an uproar across India after yoga guru Baba Ramdev said ’allopathy is a stupid and bankrupt science.’ The doctors’ union served Ramdev a defamation notice. Ramdev previously touted a cure for Covid in his product Coronil, offering no scientific evidence for the same. More recently he mocked Covid patients saying, ’Fools are looking for oxygen cylinders. Just breathe the free oxygen.’

Jon 3 weeks

How nice it must be to be a professional calesthenics demonstrator with near cult popularity. Get up, say something brainless, stretching a bit on camera, rake in the dough. Gwyneth has it good.

Crahnch 3 weeks

Yo this man is clapped XD

Irish European
Irish European 3 weeks

Surprised the republican party is not running this guy as the next governor of Alabama

Jacob 3 weeks

“Just breath oxygen” lol

robert 3 weeks

This guy has to be friends with Trump. Surprise he doesn’t have a rally of conservatives behind him.

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