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Mauritius declares emergency as stranded ship spills fuel

Mauritius declares emergency as stranded ship spills fuel

The island nation of Mauritius has declared a state of emergency after a vessel offshore began leaking oil into the ocean. A Japanese-owned bulk carrier ran aground near the Indian Ocean island in late July, with nearly 4,000 tons of fuel oil and 200 tons of diesel on board. And now its hull has cracked.

Satan411 4 months

That is a dump not a spill. Beware the words corporates use to shape your thoughts.

gabriel 4 months

That's bloody terrible news

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 months

I don’t believe in Mauritians as Al Gore told me they would all be drowned by 2000.

ChrisDC 4 months

Not again 😥

“blue8044” 4 months

Let me guess, They now need a World Bank loan to help clean up this tradegy! Putting their nation firmly in the pockets of the Globalist Elites.

Shamura 4 months

Aaah, ye Devil's year of 2020, thou hast struck again.

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