Nathanael 1 months

"Fact check..." Wow. I'm no fan of President Trump personally, but it's been very disappointing to watch main stream media go off the rails in non-stop attacks against the President. It's unprecedented, ane unjustified. Every word he speaks is scrutinized, in a very unfair way. Statements are taken in ways that are obviously out of context, over and over. Even once-respected sources like AP have fallen into the same pit of one sided opposition. Not a single significant positive word spoken on behalf of President Trump on 4 years. Dishonest. And it's getting hard to stomach. Ok, they hate him, I get it. They disagree with his politics, that's clear enough. They want him gone, that's apparent. But then to try to reclaim some lost credibility by using the term "Fact check" for another opinion-based argument steeped and tilted in anti-Trump bias is not remotely honest, neither reasonable.

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