Trump says US will be ’careful’ after intel warning of election interference

Trump says US will be ’careful’ after intel warning of election interference

Trump said the US will look ’very carefully at the intelligence warning that China, Russia and Iran are seeking to interfere in the 2020 election. ’Do you think China may be a bigger threat? I mean, I think maybe it is. I mean, you’ll have to figure it out,’ he said when asked about Russia, which interfered in the 2016 election. ’But we’re going to watch all of them. We have to be very careful.’

Justin 1 months

Russia, Russia, Russia. I like how the fake news reporter failed to mention Iran. Trump called him out. He was gloriously booed. Along with the other reporter crying about distancing. These press conferences are getting better to watch by the minute.

Leonard 1 months

Maybe I'm wrong bit I don't even agree with the notion that Russia wants Trump again. He takes no bshit from them (or China). They'll both walk all over Biden. It doesn't make sense. I call bs on this.

Sgtkeebler 1 months

Of course he doesn't care! Do you think a man this desperate to get reelected will pass up the opportunity for outside interface to help him. Trump is the most un-American individual to ever exist. He is a fascist.

Fin 1 months

We know u don't care n thanks for confirming it.. Tis why u are an impeached president. Tis why u don't care that Russia placed prices on the heads of us soldiers n the taliban went hunting n collected those bounties.. You simply don't care about the men n women over there unless pretending to when it's convent to tally votes... U will find out if they don't care for your apathy towards this situation come Nov.... We the people do care and we will vote in unison republican Democrat and independents to end ur apathetic authoritarianism that directly threatens the lives of our service men and women our constitution n this democratic Republic...and all its citizens. Your maga experiment is finished. Ur mass movement n destruction of the peoples institutions n ur cronies are going to be evicted as will be u... Ur reign of chaos no longer welcome n exposed for what is and what u n ur enablers are about.. An . Un-American chekist regime. N no we are not Marxists. We we are not anti fa we are not far right white nationalists or far left fringist we are not anarchists. we are e pluribus unum... We are the people u demonize for shits and giggles from ur sadistic poduim n we won't surrender our country to u or any other extremists. The only thing u love about this country is what you can fleece from this country for ur corportists pals n urself. .. We will survive u n then rebuild n thrive after u.. The damage u have done we will never forget n never allow again

Paul 1 months

Hypocrite Moron in Chief.

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 1 months

So the Huff Post is lying again.

TheDadJokeGuy 1 months

I'll admit, I'm concerned that both our "rivals" want either one of the candidates; China likes Biden, Russia likes Trump. We don't win either way, one of the two is gonna get what they want. We just have to figure out which is the more urgent threat

JMMA-Z 1 months

Time to bar mail in voting

Barry 1 months

China might want Trump too. Whatever to keep the US fighting itself is good for them

eezcool 1 months

To paraphrase el Trumpo, "... I'm just hired help. I'll ask my boss to be more discreet...."

Michael 1 months

Russia wants Trump, China wants Biden; I don't care, either.

Teresa 1 months

You are in bed with Putin and we all know it. Some of the under handed things you are doing is a disgrace

Daniel 1 months

Trump disputes that Russia is interfering. But when it is China or Iran, he says we will be very careful.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

This is the same guy who literally begged nations to hack Clinton last election.

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