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Windows 10 keeps on forcing your data away

Windows 10 keeps on forcing your data away

Microsoft announced in a blog post that the next version of windows won’t allow you to uninstall it’s edge browser (while it is still possible for advanced users to force a uninstall it’s not as easy as regular uninstalls) the browser has been known for security issues and for privacy concerns and a lot of windows users hate

Dave 4 months

There will always be a way to remove features people don't like. The best they can do is make it more complicated to do so, but that just makes people more determined to get rid of it.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

People always remove edge! It is a horrible browser.... Also bye stories like this always make me so haply that I never did and never will pay for Windows or any Microsoft product I'll rather pay extra to have a pirated version then that money going to this company....(they also BTW worked a lot with the Chinese's milatery and..... A horrible company just like google)

Jon 4 months

Keep pushing, Microsoft. There is no alternative to your sloppily written user interface. The people of the world will never switch systems. Your monopoly is unchallengable.

#Donate2RebellionPAC 4 months

People for God sake please stop using Windows and MacOS. Please please try Linux, try PeppermintOS Linux or any other Linux - the learning curve is so low, that it doesn't even exist anymore. Nowadays the installation and using of Linux so easy even a Mac User could do it... 😂 Ask me questions here about the install process and using Linux. ''ll be happy to help...

Indo 4 months

Desperation in the works, these days. MS learning how to please and not act like a asses. Coz they thought they is greatz. Learnt the chainamen or learnt from the chainamen !?

Austin 4 months

I never uninstall it anyway? I just move it off my taskbar and desktop so i don’t ever see it. When they stop allowing us to download others is when i stop buying Microsoft though.

Ozzie 4 months

This is not news. The native browser is going to be there. What happens if Chrome to whatever breaks? The user can't download or browse anything. Chrome is not supported by Microsoft, and having a supported browser is an essential part of any OS these days. Does anyone uninstall Safari from their iPhone or Mac because it takes up space? No. But even if they could, they would be able to download it again from the app store, in theory. On Android you can download browsers using the Play Store, but they are mostly running on the Chrome engine built into Android, with exceptions. On any Linux distro, a build of Firefox or Chromium is typically packaged, because an OS needs an integrated browser for the users. On Windows and Mac, the browser is typically part of the OS and could be essential for use in the system programs. The way Internet Explorer works in 2020 is that it is a Windows Feature that can be installed and uninstalled via a checkbox in settings. Classic Edge didn't have that as it was the native browser and there are programs that rely on EdgeHTML, though I believe it could be removed with powershell. Perhaps now that we have a new Edge, the classic Edge can be installed this way. Don't remove the native browser, people! What do you use if your non-native one breaks? Using spyware like Google Chrome is a preference for some, but it's important to have a built in solution as that is an essential part of an Operating System. Back in the 90s to early 2000s, there was a whole stupid war on "anti-competition" with browsers. It went so far as Microsoft working on a Mac version of IE and Microsoft Office, and Apple a Windows version of Safari, iTunes, when Microsoft and Apple went under a truce contract. Netscape Navigator and Mosaic have their successors, and you no longer need to buy an AOL disk.

flinx101 4 months

Win 10 is for games, Linux is for EVERYTHING else.

k0sen 4 months

Better learn those registry keys noobs.

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