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Graham claims declassified docs show FBI ’misled’ Congress on Steele dossier

Graham claims declassified docs show FBI ’misled’ Congress on Steele dossier

Sen. Graham said that FBI officials ’misled’ a Senate committee about the reliability of the Steele dossier during an interview in 2018, citing newly released declassified documents. The documents reveal that the primary sub-source of the dossier told the FBI that all the info included came from ’word of mouth and hearsay’, but FBI told the committee that there was no reason to doubt the dossier.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocky 1 months

Just pass out indictments already. I don't want to hear about it again until people are in custody and facing trial.

Wes 1 months

So a secret source denied being the secret source so Putin wont have him killed?! You are a traitor to America and should be in prison like all GOP leadership who enabled a criminal and Russian sympathizer to destroy americas standing in the world,killed hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly with their lies about covid, Masks and social distancing all to help reelect a Russian asset

frank 1 months

so, trumps mis leads 32 % of Americans everyday! what's the problem! we live in a misleading country where misleading is acceptable!

Louise 1 months

The Free Beacon, a conservative website funded largely by billionaire Paul Singer originally commissioned Fusion GPS to do oppo research on Republican candidates including Trump. When Trump clinched the nomination Clintons campaign took it up. Glenn Simpson of Fusion didn’t like the Clintons but hated Putin and Russia. He agreed to work with Steele also highly inimical to Russia. In 2016 Senator Graham took $800,000 from oligarch Blavatnik with close ties to Russian oligarch Deripaska a huge Putin ally.

Wes 1 months

If this comment thats completely frugal and easily verified goes against your rules you are the definition of fake news. Eagerly awaiting your response to see whether I should immediately delete this site and tell everyone it doesnt allow factual commentary if its negative and about Republicans

Jon 1 months

Is he arguing something that's hearsay can not be verified to be true or false through additional evidence? Why is he ignoring the fact that a bulk of the dossier has actually been vetted and confirmed to be true (there are obvious instances that were not but that does not discredit the parts that were.) The Republicans have gaslit their base so well that most just assume the whole thing is some phony fiction about peeing on girls. It's really amazing the level of gaslighting.

Wes 1 months

Graham is a lying traitor helping Russia install a president

Barry 1 months

Isn't this old news already?

Jessica 1 months

Old news dude. Graham grasping at straws to distract from mess we are in - just as much to blame. GOP complicit

Fin 1 months

N the distractions continue by the enablers

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