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Code compiler pioneer Frances Allen dies at age of 88

Code compiler pioneer Frances Allen dies at age of 88

IBM confirmed that computing pioneer and company fellow Frances Allen died of Alzheimer’s on her birthday, August 4th, at the age of 88. She was best known for making vital contributions to compilers, or the software that turns raw code into fast executables. From 1966 onward, she and scientist Cocke wrote papers detailing algorithms and frameworks that helped compilers become much more efficient.

Dave 1 months

IF (Frances Allen == Alive){ Print ":)"; } ELSE(){ Print ":("; }

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

There is this say (not that I believe in it or...) But it is believed that people who die on their birthdays are saints/blessed/..... Well idk too much about her but it does seem like she was a great person( and by that I mean helped humanity and. . as I said dk much)

Fin 1 months

She was an unsung hero n her work pivotal n at the ground to bring n improve today's technology... Sincere condolences to this humble American heros family

General Zap
General Zap 1 months

What a blessed gal!

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