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Senate Republicans block Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission

Senate Republicans block Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission

Senate Democrats were unable to garner enough GOP support to pass legislation to establish an independent, ’9/11-style’ commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The bill was blocked from moving forward in a 54-35 procedural vote, failing to meet the 60-vote threshold to overcome the filibuster. Six Republicans voted in favor of the measure. Eleven senators missed the rare Friday vote.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 3 weeks

Big surprise. Once again the political parties of America put their party before their country. Politics is gross.

Matt 3 weeks

They're blocking it because they know it will be a witch hunt against one party. The Capitol riots were staged to shut up the right and make it "appropriate" to block all forms of Republican party free expression in all aspects of the web, social media and so on. After all the riots murder and cities on fire now the left calls us the threat to freedom in America... The Capitol incident was staged to take the eyes off of the left and their crusade

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Now its obvious that if the dems dont abolish the filibuster they will get trounced in the midterms. Because the people voted for actual things to get done not shallow actions.

Alex 3 weeks

How does that make any sense? That’s like President Bush not wanting a commission on the 9/11 attacks. This only means one thing, the Republicans are behind the attack on our democracy.

jamie 3 weeks

Adding ones own context to a presidents speach, failing to act on credible info the day before, capital police officers not only letting ppl in but encouraging it and calling it an insurrection yet no firearms recovered and no one charged with insurrection but trump is the one to GTFO

T 3 weeks

Wait! I thought Antifa and BLM stormed the Capitol?!!!!??? Those leftist requblicans trying to hide the TRU€ StÕRÿ!!!

jay 3 weeks

What a disgrace - both on Capitol Hill and in the comments. Any real American who loves this country should want EVERY questionable political incident to be investigated fully. I don't care if it's election fraud, insurrection, sex trafficking, bribery, or corruption - if these matters aren't investigated, then we don't have a true democracy that's serving the best interests of us - the people. Every single time an incident of importance gets swept under the rug, our elected officials are undermining the very principles that they've sworn to uphold. American politics is no longer about service to the American people, but rather about the retention of power by any means necessary. Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal - we're all being hoodwinked by wolves in sheep's clothing.

Madje 3 weeks

Good. Democrats just want to terrorize regular citizens who had the balls to stand up to their government bullshit. I wish everyone were so brave. But, this is a country full of comfort obsessed cowards. America should be split into those that want a European style mommy state and Americans who want to be free and we wouldn’t have to be in this battle to force others into our ways of life.

Randy 3 weeks

I was looking forward to Dems having to confront the murder of unarmed Ashli Babbitt, and to having to accept that the video of that was from a BLM activist who was encouraging that group onward, to her death.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 3 weeks

Honestly, this is making look the Democrats look petty and weak. They have the presidency, they have the senate and the house. They aren't doing anything useful, just trying to settle scores, like a bully who had his nose unexpectedly bloodied and who now wants revenge. This is not the unity Biden promised and it's certainly not showing strong leadership.

Alex 3 weeks

I'm not an American resident yet I can see what the sole purpose of this intended commission was for - purely political. It is designed to continue the push that any thought/action outside of leftist can be categorised as domestic terrorism.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 3 weeks

Republicans think if you didn’t do anything wrong then why are you worried about the state over reaching. But when a lot of republicans commit treason and there should be an investigation on what republicans tried to overturn our democracy then that’s an over reach? I thought if you did nothing wrong you shouldn’t be worried? Or is that just for black people before the state kills them?

Barry 3 weeks

Of course, why would they want a commission to investigate their attempted takeover of the federal government?

Uebie 3 weeks

The commission would have been bipartisan, 5 dems and 5 reps. Picked by their own party. If these allegations of staged attacks or antifa rioters were true. Then wouldn't this be the way to find it out? Democrats have to now push forward without bipartisanship. Which in turn mean less people will believe the findings.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 3 weeks

Shame on the Republicans!! Hopefully this will hurt them in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Republicans ARE NOT interested in the people, but only interested in power. Their words are misleading, but their actions tell the truth. They don't support anything that is for the good of this Country, but do support anything that might put them back in power. They have no policy and no plan for our future, except to keep the status quo wherein the rich get richer and the rest of us scrap to keep our heads above water. Hopefully people will recognize this in the next election.

Aaron 3 weeks

How many times in history has the capital been attacked and by what ideological factions and of what means? And also where are some of those attackers now?

RedTsunami2020 3 weeks

What about an election that had a plethora of voting irregularities, with Democrats not wanting to investigate any of them. Hmm...wonder why? Why wouldn't Democrats allow ANY forensic audits in ANY swing state. Afraid all their vote manipulation would be uncovered? What hypocrites! The knife cuts both ways. If the Democrat House and Senate would have allowed this Commission to be expanded, to include ALL the rioting that took place around our country, more Republicans would have voted for it. So why not include Antifa and BLM atrocities across the country? What do the Democrats have to hide is the question?

Human 3 weeks

Why are the Republicans protecting BLM and antifa? That's the current lie right? January 6th was done by non-republicans, if true why can't we have an investigation.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

Oh no, how can the left/media push their fake narrative without a sham investigation?! Maybe Adam Schiff has some extra evidence down in his mom's basement.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 weeks

Anny thing to make you forget about the democrats helping terrorist organisation, the responsibility they have in the death of citizens whit their covid response, the blatant racism they make, the corruption of Biden whit china and Ukraine, the invitation for more violence, the recession, removing right of citizens, the covid rules does not concerned them only you.

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