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Lawyers claim Manhattan DA ’fishing for ways to justify’ harassment of Trump

Lawyers claim Manhattan DA ’fishing for ways to justify’ harassment of Trump

The legal team of United States President Donald Trump questioned the Manhattan District Attorney over a suggestion that it is pursuing a broad investigation into what it feels could be a ’possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.’ The New York prosecutor had last week cited three news articles which talk about alleged fraud at the President’s businesses.

Tom A
Tom A
Bradley 4 months

Can we all just sit back and think about the fact that the Manhatten DA is using a "trio of news articles" as their basis. A trio of news articles. Weak.

Rose 4 months

I am ashamed and embarrassed for my country. I'm also angry at all the people who voted for him, and continue to support his evil policies. We are no longer respected all over the world, with the possible exception of other authoritarian leaders, who Trump courts. These men are just as insane as Donald Trump. 50% of all white people will vote for him again. What does that tell you? Everybody get your butts out there and VOTE.

porcus 4 months

The investigations into Trump have always been baseless and politically motivated. Only the Orangeophobists think otherwise.

Fin 4 months

The TX payers of NY state do not consider it fishing when they have been wronged n cheated out of funds by mafia like run businesses.

Jon 4 months

Lol the ol "presidential harassment" defense. Classic cultist.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 4 months

He literally said he would release them...

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