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Ilhan Omar defeats Minnesota Democratic primary challenger

Ilhan Omar defeats Minnesota Democratic primary challenger

Rep. Ilhan Omar won the Democratic primary for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, fending off a well-funded primary challenger, and virtually securing a second term in Congress. Omar defeated employment attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, a more moderate liberal, 57% to 39%. Omar’s campaign had emphasized her progressive credentials in Congress — an important factor in her district in Minneapolis.

Zach 1 months

That's how you know someone is a bad choice for a leader, a Clinton endorsed them.

gabriel 1 months

They said the same thing with AOC and she smashed her challenger by 70 % of the vote to 18% and Rashida Tlaib who beat her challenger 66% to 34%. But it's the corporate media who portray a close race leading up to the vote. These where not even close races. Go on type in aoc challenger or Rashida Tlaib challenger in the Google and you'll see utter nonsense leading up to the vote. Lol

Hunter 1 months

How has she not been thrown out of office

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 months

She is up by 30 points saying she is in for a tough fight is just lying.

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