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DC police union calls on court to block mandatory release of body cam footage

DC police union calls on court to block mandatory release of body cam footage

The Washington, D.C., police union said Monday it asked a court to block the mandatory release of body camera footage and names of police officers involved in shootings, a reform measure passed by the city in June. ’The release...will unjustly malign and permanently tarnish the reputation...of any officer that is later cleared of misconduct concerning the use of force,’ the union said.

Justin 1 months

You all keep saying "nothing to fear if nothing to hide." False allegations of misconduct can and will tarnish an officers reputation and career long after they are cleared of any wrong doing. That's the reason they are fighting this. Don't get me wrong I don't think that the body cam footage should be classified, but I do think the name of the officer involved should be withheld pending an investigation to prevent the defamation and doxing that will occur before they even have a chance to be cleared/charged by the DA. It's the same guilty until proven innocent, and even then you're still guilty, we got with the false allegations of the me too movement that we're getting with police shootings, and this is the best solution they could come up with to try and prevent that from happening.

WWG1WGA 1 months

I'm all for the immediate release of the ENTIRE VIDEO but not the names of the officer because it's an ongoing investigation. Like the George Floyd video the vile anti American Kieth Ellison ( also aligned with the pure evil Muslim Brotherhood) tried to keep the tape out of the media because it destroys their narrative the cops were as nice as possible with a huge guy drugged out of his mind and oding. Floyd resisted the entire time and couldn't follow simple directions then he jumped out of the back of the police cruiser and layed on the ground.

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