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Global coronavirus cases surpass 20 million after doubling in 45 days

Global coronavirus cases surpass 20 million after doubling in 45 days

More than 20 million people worldwide have tested positive for the coronavirus as of Monday evening, nearly five months after the WHO declared it a pandemic. It took around six months to get to 10 million cases after the virus first appeared in central China late last year. It took just over six weeks for that number to double. More than half of the cases are from the US, India and Brazil.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

Each individual is tested more than once, and those tests all go to the total count. There are false positives that are adding to the total (47 percent positive test rate in Mexico is dubious at best.) A single layer of cloth over your mouth does not stop viral transmission via respiratory droplets.

Rocky 4 months

This is still only one third of the number of h1n1 infected in the US alone in one season under Obama. Can we finally admit this virus was not particularly infectious or deadly. Yet we shut down the world for this? It has been statistically underwhelming, thankfully. Now that we know that you would think it would be business as usual, but not during an election year.🤦🏽‍♂️

David Webb
David Webb 4 months

How much longer are they going to carry on this fraud?

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 4 months

What till CCP gets the bill for these.

God is
God is 4 months

20 million and I have yet to meet anyone who's had it...

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