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Trump donated to Harris’ campaigns twice while he was a private citizen

Trump donated to Harris’ campaigns twice while he was a private citizen

Records reviewed by NBC News have unearthed information that President Donald Trump contributed $6,000 to Senator Kamala Harris when she was running for the post of California’s attorney general. The President had donated $5,000 in 2011 and $1,000 in 2013 when he was a private citizen. The President maintained that he contributed at the request of former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Skeptic 1 months

This should not be seen as an endorsement of her. Trump has said he sees campaign contributions as a means to buy influence (and he isn't entirely wrong). In the case of contributions to prosecutors, he has used them to keep his family from being indicted (successfully, alas).

Fin 1 months

Lol let's see a man that has had a scalp transplant to hide his bald spot upon his heavily dyed hair... Who ran a fraudulent charity n fraudulent University n cheated on his college entrance exams n two pre ious wives and who hides his fraudulent tax returns n fraudulent bank loans n who hides behind his real estate brands that have fleeced hundreds in fraud real estate deals has the unmitigated gall to project the idea of phoney onto his opponents running mate... Well we see just how desperate the despot is to keep adding to his 22000lies n counting so he can keep lying to evade the plain facts n truth about himself n his crimes... He pretty much is the poster boy for phoney n fraud... The flim flam man in person and on stage daily... A wasted live by a vile man who has wasted opportunity after opportunity to serve his oath to the constitution for good of this democratic republic... He practices nashism... N he sells us out daily for his personal interests... N his enablers circle the wagons around him to destroy this country thru a game of secrecy n chaos... N cronies corruption...

Sergio 1 months

At the time, it was how you buy influence

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