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Harris had run smear campaign against Kavanaugh in 2018

Harris had run smear campaign against Kavanaugh in 2018

Senator Kamala Harris, the VP pick of former Vice President Joe Biden had, in 2018, reportedly run a smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. Unsubstantiated accusations of sexual misconduct were run against Kavanaugh by Harris, and she had been criticized for sharing a seemingly edited video to claim that Kavanaugh opposed birth control.

Seekster 3 months

Yeah lets not forget her role in the character assassination of Kavanagh. Disgraceful.

Winny the Pig
Winny the Pig 3 months

Is she worse or Hillery? I can't decide.

Berty Goldstein
Berty Goldstein 3 months

This is my first time truly reading a Huffington post article. It was almost satirical how the author can claim there are sexist and racist attacks on Kamala...and then not produce a single instance of a sexist or racist attack. I've written plenty of essays in my life and had to "stretch" the meaning of evidence for my argument, but this is just a joke.

michael 3 months

the indictments were never seriously investigated. kavanaugh was just another partisan federal judge. the republicans stole Obama's pick. fuck kavanaugh.

Alaric 3 months

whars funny is obama sent more people back than trump, while blindly drone bombing arab families

Lucino 3 months

Sounds like the perfect candidate for VP then

Fin 3 months

You laugh... At their nonsense smears n you go vote out the corrupt administration n all its enablers... You know they are all crazy infect with fear n expect to throw it all at the wall revealing they are as desperate as their desperate despot n purposely ignorant because they are consumed by their loathing for democracy n disillusioned by their cultist mentality... The constitution for them is a pesky obstacle that gets in the way of their sick need to run government as if a criminal enterprise... N u know this vote most definitely is the most important vote of your life to stop a wannabe dictator n his cronies. Let's get it done... Country over party constitution over q anon thugs n Maga charter agendas

Jon 3 months

Yeah and it was amazing he was a sniffeling crybaby because his guilt was overwhelming.

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