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The Lazarus Hacker group targets Israel’s defense industry

The Lazarus Hacker group targets Israel’s defense industry

The North Korea backed hacker group known as The Lazarus Group attempted to hack and steal entire databases containing sensible information about the defense industry and various defense strategies. The group targeted Israel after recently attacking the USA.

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

So OK in short from my understanding it was more of a attack against the airforce and aviation industry in general they used LinkedIn (as always lately) to spread a credential stealing virus... Now officials claim that no data was comprised but specialists claim it's very lickly a lot of sensitive information was comprised... I don't have a good source but yeah the story is still ongoing.... That's interesting people... I mean avionics is something which needs to be secure u cna literally wreck a nation with one bad plain.... As we've seen with 9 11's still ongoing "emotional" response and effect Israel is a tiny nation but still has a lot of strategic value not to mention a much better cyber inferstracture compared to many other countries around it.... So that's why the story is so... Well shocking isn't the word but concerning...

Piotr 1 months

Israel is known for having a world class missile defense system, and with speculations about Kim Yo-Jong gaining power as Jong-Un reclines into the background, there might be some bigger developments coming in the future, certainly no good ones

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