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this 1 months

Next week: Netflix announces new title "Avatar: The Last Wokebender"

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

I'm so haply and so disappointed at the same time... On the one hand I would've loved a amazing remake of this amazingly written masterpiece on the other no one wants another disaster like the movie And I'm very proud of the creators not caving to Netflix or the mob and having a standard

Zachary 1 months

Good. The original was good enough, no need to ruin it.

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 1 months

The main reason the Last Airbender was a succes was due to Aaron Ehasz's storytelling. Legend of Korra went woke and Netflix will go further.

Anony 1 months

Wasn't planning on watching it anyways. After Korra, even with Mike and Bryan working on it, I don't have any interest in the franchise anymore. Not only that but the shows made by streaming services are not that great... Too campy in a bad way.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 1 months

Lmao woke creators leaving a woke network. Love it!!

paddy 1 months

They're so intellectually bankrupt they're remaking cartoons with real people. What a future this is. Wheres the original content? Why can't anyone make a halfway decent show these days? There has to be more than just the cringy woke idealism right?

Mutatis 1 months

Meh, it will not be the first terrible 'live action' iteration this series has received.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Good. Given Netflix track record for wokeing and ruining great series, I approve of this. Make it when every one is on board for a faithful to the lore adaption

Rose 1 months

After that last "live action" debacle, I'd rather wait for a good one.

Wolfendale 1 months

It never needed a live action so good. What does need a Netflix series is Harry Potter

Pakorn Wattanavrangkul
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul 1 months

Was anyone expecting anything from this venture from the beginning?

darkwingsmurf 1 months

Welp here comes another dumpster fire adaptation

CommanderVaasDC 1 months

Probably because live action adaptions always ruin the show.

Seekster 1 months

After reading this I am scared to think of what Netflix is doing to The Last Airbender. Be very afraid.

Jack 1 months

Too bad, those two made the show; well, the show. M Night diarrhea’d on the movie so I’m sure this can’t be much worse

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