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COVID-19 aid cant wait until September, says Pelosi

COVID-19 aid cant wait until September, says Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker on Wednesday expressed hope that negotiations over a coronavirus relief bill do not drag over into the next month. She warned against a possible delay, and said ’people will die’. The White House and the Democratic Party are pointing fingers at each other after talks between Ms. Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Mark Meadows and Steven Mnuchin collapsed.

Tom A
Tom A
Texas4ever 4 months

First Pelosi throws a stage 3 clinger girlfriend tantrum after which the Executive Branch refuses to deal with her & Schumer and signs Executive Orders!!! 2-3 days later here we are reading her this press-release in which she’s 🤮 “Sharing” her latest empty promise with us amnesiacs in fly over country! //s

Seekster 4 months

And yet she is willing to hold it up for mail in voting.

IvoryDove 4 months

Her plastic surgery is melting.

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