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US to impose sanctions on Belarus after plane diversion

US to impose sanctions on Belarus after plane diversion

The White House announced on Friday it will impose sanctions on Belarus after it diverted a European flight and arrested a dissident on board. Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the May 23 Ryanair flight diversion and arrest of an opposition journalist ’a direct affront to international norms.’ The sanctions were being worked out with EU against key members of the Belarusian administration.

Noobs 3 weeks

Arresting journalists? Diverting a civilian plane they had agreements to allow? Why are we willing to do the right ting against Belerua, but not against China? China is sooo much worse.

C 3 weeks

Guy is a Putin style thug.

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

Id hate to defend this but it techincally is their airspace isnt it? They're allowed to protect or not protect who ever they want. Plus Belarus is alot poorer with a weaker military then the USA and is a $#!T ton closer to Russia then we are (sorry Alaska) if I was them id be more scared of russia then the USA too. Look at how long that"proxy" war in ukraine is lasting.

Taurus 3 weeks

@cough Why Belarus should scared of Russia? People there are ethnically and culturally the same as Russians plus they are close allied and in an economic union with Russia. What is disgusting is US continuously trying to manufacture another civil war Ukraine style for political gain.

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