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Multiple nozzles at issue over water flow restriction rules

Multiple nozzles at issue over water flow restriction rules

President Trump wants to overturn an Obama era executive order so that more water can flow from showerheads. In 2013 the calculation of gallons per minute was changed to include the sum total of all water coming from multiple nozzles, a newer feature in showers that did not exist when the law was passed by Congress in 1992. The law sets a 2.5 gallon/minute limit per showerhead.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
Jon 1 months

Frankly this story is silly. There are plumbing appliances that deliver way more than 2.5 galons a minute, they just cost an arm and a leg. Trump wants a cheaper path, I don't see news, just bile from a press that hasn't found anything juicy to attack today.

IIZard 1 months

News on Trump : he's angry at shower heads. News on Tucker : IT'S COMMA - LA you racist bigot. News on Biden : Kamala Harris is the best thing

Timothy 1 months

Had this been happening in some Arab country or South Korea, we would find much to ridicule about it won't we? Interesting how things become worthy of pondering over when we do it and funny when someone else does it right?

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