Tech giants unite to safeguard 2020 United States elections

Tech giants unite to safeguard 2020 United States elections

The group consists of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit, Verizon Media, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Wikimedia, Microsoft, lead by the latter. Microsoft has long been involved in securing elections. It extended its AccountGuard to Europe and open sourced its ElectionGuard software. Twitter and Facebook both pledged to combat misinformation. Facebook has also launched their voting information campaign.

General Zap
General Zap 0 months

I love how none of our comments retain upvotes. More evidence of shadow ban!

Muzical 0 months

Everyone complaining about this who is still on these sites are as much part of the problem. They have influence because of people who refuse to delete their accounts.

General Zap
General Zap 0 months

My desire to give them free helicopter rides intensifies.

Rational ific
Rational ific 0 months

Ha! Oh boy, thanks for the laugh! I needed it.

SickOfTribalisem 0 months

"Safesgaurd" right...................

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 0 months

Election interference hiding in plain sight.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Twitter, Facebook and Google are taking care of it. I feel better already (Huge Eye Roll).

Wholly 0 months

They can't even safeguard themselves!!!

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