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Fortnite kicked out from App Store by Apple over payment system

Fortnite kicked out from App Store by Apple over payment system

Apple has been sued by the maker of the mega popular battle royale game ’Fortnite’, after the company kicked out Fortnite from its App Store. The iPhone maker took the step following the launch of an in-payment system by Epic Games which allows it to circumvent Apple’s stiff 30 percent fees. Any new downloads of Fortnite have been barred on iPads or iPhones.

Matt 1 months

I get it ... but Apple should probably consider staying up with the markets instead of trying to control their corner. They seem to have an increasing rate of problems with company structure incompatibilities. I don't have a solution, but a warning that rigid things tend to break easier might be in order.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 months

They've clearly seen how the Epic Game Store has been making them bucks on PC and decided that they want to establish something like that on iOS and Android platforms. This is their opening salvo. I wonder how far you can take this? Does Epic have to open up the market for other currencies in Fortnite? After all they have a monopoly on V Bucks. Apple and Google have been enjoying a near effort free profit from these app stores and I imagine the end game of this is that all sides will negotiate a different rate they can live with rather than risk losing either a market share of the mobile user base or missing out on a huge app for their device. Of course Andoid can be forked and new app stores developed but that would require some *very* deep pockets.

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