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Belarus authorities free detainees as protests grow

Belarus authorities free detainees as protests grow

Authorities have freed ~2,000 protesters detained across Belarus after a disputed presidential election as they look to curb the rising public anger over a brutal police crackdown on peaceful protests and avoid Western sanctions. Protesters took to the streets since the elections in which President Lukashenko won 80% of the vote to extend his 26-year authoritarian power in Belarus.

Josh 1 months

The BBC has spoken to several people, including teenagers, who have described being beaten. "They beat people ferociously, with impunity, and they arrest anyone. We were forced to stand in the yard all night. We could hear women being beaten. I don't understand such cruelty," one man said as he showed the BBC his bruising.

Stephen 1 months

Take a look at our future 3 months from now

Fin 1 months

What sheer guts to get democracy.. Applauding your courage be safe n praying for u

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