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33 percent of TikTok users aged 14 or younger

33 percent of TikTok users aged 14 or younger

Citing internal TikTok data and documents, The New York Times reported that nearly a third of the video platform’s users are aged 14 or younger. In the month of July, 20 million of the short video app’s users were older than 14, 18 million were 14 or younger, and the ages of the rest could not be classified. The app is mired in controversy, and Microsoft is looking to buy it’s US operations.

Tom A
Tom A
darkwingsmurf 1 months

Only a 1/3rd seems awlfuly low

Srinivas 1 months

what else do you expect!

Historic 1 months

Why is this suprising?

Indo 1 months

That was the targeted audience of its developers. The name says it all. If u didn't know.

Miguel 1 months

So if Epstein is still alive we should be able to track him down pretty easily...

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 1 months

Yeah, my kids all have it and no one I know over 20 does. Stands to reason then.

Coenraad 0 months

Log in with a disposable email, and prepare to be absolutely shocked and revolted by what's on display.

Muzical 1 months

What COPPA? 🙄

Louise 1 months

Why do kids prank Trump?

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