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COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand grows

COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand grows

Seven new cases of the novel coronavirus disease were reported on Saturday as the new outbreak in New Zealand continues to grow. In response to the new cases being reported after months, the lockdown in Auckland, originally for 3 days, has been extended. The number of active cases in New Zealand stands at 56.

ruubot 1 months

With these tactics i really don't see how NZ will ever come out of lockdown, the rest of the world will achieve herd immunity. NZ will either have to just suffer the same process down the road or wait for a miracle vaccine that no one trusts. Hopefully the economy won't be completely destroyed.

Isaac 1 months

It's funny how for months we here in new Zealand had stopped( not eliminated) any form of transmission of covi19 yet now close too elections we now have a community transmission I believe that the government has allowed this new wave too happen in order to reinforce kiwis beliefs that they "labour party" has and is the right choice for the country to move forward past this virus ...this obviously isn't the case because in my personal opinion their tactics are purely image based on what jacinda ardern has supposedly done for us ... It doesn't help that most media is run secretly by government and what we are shown isn't the full truth

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 1 months

Any excuse to shut down the economy again. And Labor supporters bowing down and begging for more of their human rights to be taken away from them. Well done NZ. I just got a cold, better shut the country down again 😂

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