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Trump slams Michelle Obama for taping her Democratic convention speech

Trump slams Michelle Obama for taping her Democratic convention speech

Trump on a visit to Minneapolis Monday accused Michelle Obama of pre-taping her DNC kickoff virtual speech. ’These are all taped speeches. Michelle Obama, her speech is taped,’ he claimed. Trump, who is on the first stop of a series of speeches in Minnesota and Wisconsin, said that ’there’s nothing very exciting about’ a taped speech. ’You want to go to a snooze. When you hear a speech is taped’.

Tom A
Tom A
O'Brien 0 months

Their convention was a Festival of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their offer to Americans is this: 1. Obama is Black Jesus 2. BLM is a new State religion 3. Rioters / thugs are Holy Crusaders 4. The Orange One is Satan and Whiteness is the mark of the Beast. 5. Current day America is Hell but if we reject every last quality that made America what it is today we can remake it into an intersectional heaven. I also learnt from Michelle Obama that Joe Biden gives his personal phone number to kids. Yeah. I bet he did.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 0 months

Because the Democrats are handling their Convention the right way. A virtual meeting instead of packing everyone into a venue and spreading the virus, which is what Trump wants to do. Trump couldn't give the same quality of speech even if it was prerecorded. He doesn't have the same compassion for people that Michelle can express. His would just be bragging about himself and then a bunch of lies.

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