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Louis DeJoy to testify before Senate committee on Friday

Louis DeJoy to testify before Senate committee on Friday

Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General reported that he would testify before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Friday. The hearing is expected to take place virtually since the Senate is in the middle of a three week recess. This will also be the first chance for lawmakers to publicly question DeJoy in the wake of bipartisan concerns following changes at the USPS.

America 3 months

And no one cares because it won't be abt facts it will be abt spinning a narrative over top microbes of sound bytes given as "testimony". This is why no one gives a hang for the DNC and their playground tactics.

Fin 3 months

Go to ur local post office n buy stamps... I bought some for kids n we spoke about stamp collecting.. Patronize ur usps n never forget those who never forget n thanklessly get the job down for over two hundred years... I sent pen pal letters out to seniors in nursing homes.. I know place a book of stamps in every card I send to my seniors. .. I know buy my greeting cards from usps... I now send at least one bill out priority mail... N I now thanks to dejoy on every letter place my us forever flag stamp upside down.. Because we are in a crappy place when the comrade n chief has declared war via his lackey on the US mail.. What kind of American does that... An institution constitutionally assembled n that hires more vets then u realize.. As it should

Stephen 3 months

Trump's lackey is just the wrong person to run the post office.

Doug 3 months

Looking forward to Kamala Harris vs DeJoy!

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